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Book - Rudi's Story - A German Jewish SAS Soldiers Story

This is a true story, supported by official documents and photographs. Written by Gerhart Friedlander (Rudi's brother) and Keith Turner...

South Irish Horse Cap Badge

A brass badge. In good condition complete with slider...

Book - A History of the British Cavalry (Vol.4 1899 - 1913) by The Marquess of Anglesey F.S.A.

A fantastic book with many illustrations, photos and maps within. Hardback copy with 565 pages.

Book - The Watsonian War Record 1914- 1918

A memorial record of Watsonians who served in the Great War.

Book - The Army Medical Department 1775 - 1818

The first volume of a history of the U.S. Army Medical Department from the start of the American Revolution to WW1...

Book - Arnhem Lift

The story of the First British Airborne Division's great fight to hold the Arnhem Bridge as seen and experienced by a glider pilot...

Book - A Soldier with the Arabs

Written by Sir John Bagot Glubb, who commanded the Arab Legion in Transjordan and Jordan from 1939-1956...


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