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Gallantry Medals

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Gallantry awards and decorations have been awarded for distinguished military service for many, many years. Starting with token items such as gold buttons and badges. The practice of awarding official decorations is thought to have started around the mid 1600's. Some of the more modern examples of British gallantry awards include the Military Cross (MC), Military Medal (MM), Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM), Victoria Cross (VC), George Cross (GC), Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM), Distingushed Flying Cross (DFC) They are some of the most sought after items in the medal collecting world and often add a great premium to the value of more average groups of medals.

Gallantry medals can be split into two classes those given in recognition of continued distinguished service and those awarded for a single act of bravery. The latter tend to be of more interest and subsequently more valuable for a collector. However there are many factor to consider when valuing medals groups, particularly gallantry awards. Scarcity is often a contributing factor in price but there are exceptions. For example the Victoria Cross, probably the most famous and sought after gallantry medal, was awarded only 111 times during the Crimean War and 633 times during WW1. However, the First World War VC's are generally regarded more highly than the fewer numbered Crimeas. This is due to the opinion that the First World War VC's were awarded at much greater cost.  

There are so many factors involved in valuing medal groups (for example Rank, Regiment, scarcity, whether the recipient was wounded or killed in action, condition, the addition of clasps and / or bars to name but a few!) that it is always advisable to consult a specialist dealer or expert in the field for valuations. We offer a free valuation service for insurance or just for information and will give free quotes for anyone looking to sell medals. Click here to contact us for a free quote or valuation. You can also see many of the items we are currently offering with prices on our website. Please select from the categories below to be taken to the main site.

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