About you and your key word alerts


About you and your key word alerts

So we have a lot of new accounts on the website. I just wanted to let you know why we have the “About Me” section and the “Key Word Alerts” sections in your profile.

We have the About Me section (an optional feature) so that collectors have the chance to let us know their field of interest and what they collect. It means we can help with advice or recommendations more easily if you want us to.

We also have the Key Word Alert section. This enables customers to add keywords so they receive an email when we list something containing those words. For example, we have one customer who only collects military badges to the London Regiments. We have added the phrase “London Regiment Badge” to his Key Word Alerts so he receives an email when we list relevant products. The email alerts are optional and can be altered at any time.

It’s on my list of things to do to alter the wording on the site to make this clear to people when they sign up. We used to keep a written “wants list” but it’s too big to manage now. We’ve built in this feature to the site to help us keep track. If you would like to use the system you can add your own keywords to your profile or get in touch and we can do it for you.

p.s. it is particularly useful if you are searching for missing medals.