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New medals listed on the site - 5th August 2017

MM-3038 George VI General Service Medal (Clasp - Malaya) - Pte. H. Duncan, Royal Army Ordnance Corps £65.00

MM-3039 Baltic Medal 1854-55 - Unnamed £180.00

MM-3040 Queen's Mediterranean Medal - Pte. H.L. Esey, 3rd Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry £345.00

MM-3041 WW1 1914 Mons Star Medal Trio - Pte. F. Rochford (Alias P.J. Markey), South Lancashire Regiment - Wounded £195.00

MM-3042 WW1 British War Medal - Pte. E. Dean, King's Royal Rifle Corps £26.00

MM-3043 Territorial Force War Medal - Pte. W.R. Ames, 13th Bn. Essex Regiment £250.00

MM-3044 WW2 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star (North Africa 1942-43 Clasp), Italy Star & War Medal Group with Original Certificate of Service & Naval Diary - Benjamin Townsend, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Lowestoft Division £125.00

MM-3045 WW1 Military Medal and 1914-15 Star Trio - Pte. G.W. Hutchinson, 8th Bn. South Lancashire Regiment £585.00

MM-3046 QSA (Clasps - Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1902), WW1 1914 Mons Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal & Memorial Plaque - Pte. W. Mantle, 4th Bn. Royal Fusiliers - K.I.A. £645.00

MM-3047 WW1 1914 Mons Star Medal Trio Prisoner of War Group - Pte. A. Wales, King's Royal Rifle Corps £230.00

MM-3048 WW1 1914 Mons Star Medal Trio, Silver War Badge & Identity Tag - Pte. D. Duff, Northumberland Fusiliers £235.00

MM-3049 WW1 1914 Mons Star Medal Trio - Pte. W.M. Dawson, 2nd Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers - K.I.A. £315.00

MM-3050 WW1 1914 Mons Star Medal Trio - Pte. E. Jordan, 2nd Bn. Grenadier Guards - K.I.A. £375.00

MM-3051 QSA (Clasps - Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902), WW1 British War Medal, Victory Medal and LS&GC Medal Group of Four - R.S.M. H. Corbett, South Lancashire Regiment £275.00

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