Stock Update! New medals listed today...


Stock Update! New medals listed today...

MM-4153T WW1 Victory Medal and Memorial Plaque - Pte. H.V. Limage, 1st/5th Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry - K.I.A. £110.00 

MM-4154T WW1 Military Medal and British War Medal - Pte. C.W. Lockwood, 7th Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry - Wounded £395.00 

MM-4155T WW1 British War Medal, Victory Medal & Memorial Plaque - Pte. J.E. Walton, 2nd Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment - K.I.A. £185.00 

MM-4156T WW1 1914-15 Star Trio, Territorial Force Efficiency Medal and RAOB Medal Group - W.O.II. F. Tofield, 5th Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry £210.00 

MM-4157 WW1 Memorial Plaque (Death Penny) - Richard Canavan £75.00 

MM-4158 WW1 Memorial Plaque (Death Penny) - John Canavan £75.00 

MM-4159 WW1 1914 Mons Star Medal Trio - Pte. J. Price, Royal Army Medical Corps - Wounded £100.00 

MM-4160 WW1 1914 Mons Star and Bar Medal Trio - Pte. T.W. Payne, West Yorkshire Regiment £225.00 

MM-4161 WW1 1914 Mons Star Trio and 1935 Silver Jubilee Medal Group of Four - Pte. R.E. Webb, Norfolk Regiment £195.00 

MM-4162 WW1 British War & Victory Medal Pair - Spr. E. Parr, Royal Engineers £35.00 

MM-4163 WW1 Mercantile Marine Medal Pair and Memorial Plaque - Mess Room Steward John William Middleton, S.S. Romeo £250.00 

MM-4164 WW2 Defence Medal & EIIR Royal Observer Corps Medal Pair with 2 Hallmarked Silver Doncaster Rescue Station Mines Rescue Service Medallions - Leading Observer J.E. Jones £275.00 

MM-4165 Sutlej 1845-46 Medal, Aliwal 1846 Reverse - Edge Impressed 'Specimen 68 - Gen. No. - 3653' £215.00 

MM-4166 Sutlej Medal 1845-46, Ferozeshuhur 1845 Reverse (Clasp - Sobraon) - Corpl. T. Murray, 4th Batn. Artillery  £415.00 

MM-4167 Sutlej Medal 1845-46, Sobraon 1846 Reverse - John Walton, 9th Lancers £515.00 

MM-4168 Sutlej Medal 1845-46, Moodkee 1845 Reverse (Clasp - Sobraon) - Drummer Joseph Cockens, 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Foot - Wounded at the Battle of Moodkee £535.00 

MM-4169 Afghanistan Medal 1878-80 (Clasps - Peiwar Kotal, Charasia, Kabul) - Gr. W. Chambers, G/3rd Royal Artillery £415.00 

MM-4170 South Africa 1877-79 (Zulu War) Medal (Clasp - 1877-8-9) - Pte. J. Gorman, 90th Regiment of Foot £850.00