Meet The Team

Graham Baldwin first started collecting militaria at the age of sixteen. At this point he was mainly collecting pieces from family members and friends of his fathers. In his mid 20's he started dealing at fairs and then went onto open a shop in Tunbridge Wells. In 1990 he moved north and ran a unit in Doncaster's Wool market. After collecting for over 40 years Graham now has a wealth of knowledge on militaria, police memorabilia and many other collectables. 

Paul Baldwin, Graham's son, joined the business in 2005 when he started off just helping his Dad out whilst between jobs. He began by attending medals fairs and listing items on eBay. He became a full business partner in 2006 and has grown the business to what it is now. He helped design the website with his wife Fern and runs the shop in Doncaster.

Fern Baldwin is the third member of the team and has worked for Cultman Collectables since 2006. She helps man the shop, run the website and is responsible for the clerical aspects of the business.

Trish Collingwood has been helping out behind the scenes for a few years. She officially came on as part of the team when Paul and Fern had their daughter, Olive. She helps with emails, phone calls and the posting. Trish is Fern's mum so we really are keeping it a proper family business!