Stock Update! New medals listed today...


Stock Update! New medals listed today...

MM-4218 WW1 British War Medal (Sole Entitlement) with Box of Issue and Hallmarked Silver Naval Sports Cranwell Winners Medallion - A.M.1 C. Parker, Royal Naval Air Service £70.00 

MM-4219 WW1 British War Medal - Lieut. W.G. Tarr, 1/125th Napier's Rifles, Indian Army £50.00 

MM-4220 WW1 1914-15 Star Medal Trio - 2.Cpl. H. Briggs, Royal Engineers £70.00 

MM-4221 WW1 British War Medal - Pte. F. Feather, Lancashire Fusiliers £26.00 

MM-4222 WW1 1914-15 Star - Gnr. A.H. Tarry, Royal Garrison Artillery £26.00 

MM-4223 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. F. Feather, Royal Army Medical Corps £12.00 

MM-4224 WW1 British War Medal - Pte. J.H. Worsley, Lanashire Fusiliers £26.00 

MM-4225 WW1 1914-15 Star Medal Trio - Pte. W.E. Eggatt, York & Lancaster Regiment £85.00 

MM-4226 WW1 British War Medal - Lieut. L.L. Williamson, 4th Bn. Scottish Rifles (attd. Durham Light Infantry) £55.00 

MM-4227 WW1 British War Medal - Major E.T.W. McCausland, O.B.E., 3rd Gurkha Rifles £75.00 

MM-4228 WW2 Merchant Navy Casualty Medal Group of Five - Chief Electrical Articifer J.L. Thompson, M.V. Port Victor, Merchant Navy £185.00 

MM-4229 WW1 and WW2 Merchant Navy Medal Group of Six - 2nd Engineer George H. Cooper, Merchant Navy £135.00 

MM-4230 WW2 Merchant Navy Casualty Medal Group of Three - 3rd Radio Officer James Russell Burns, S.S. Empire Ability, Merchant Navy £135.00 

MM-4231 WW2 Merchant Navy Medal Group of Five with Fathers Defence & War Medal - Engineer W. Thornley, Merchant Navy £105.00 

MM-4232 WW2 Merchant Navy Group of Four with Condolence Slip - 2nd Officer David Ballingall Mackenzie, Merchant Navy £115.00