More medals listed today!...


More medals listed today!...

MM-5526 WW2 Air Crew Europe Star £345.00 

MM-5527 WW2 Gulf of Taranto Submarine Casualty Medal Group of Three - Stoker Petty Officer J.H. Gosling, Royal Navy, HM Submarine Odin £475.00 

MM-5528 WW1 North Sea 1918 Submariners Distinguished Service Medal - Stoker 1st Class G. Langley, Royal Navy £1,125.00 

MM-5529 WW2, Un Korea and Campaign Service Medal (Clasp - Borneo) Group of Five - S.Sgt. T. Molloy, 2nd East Anglian Regiment (Formerly Northamptonshire Regt) £175.00 

MM-5530 WW2 Italian Campaign Salarola May 1944 Minefield Rescue Military Medal (Immediate) Group of Six - Pte. E. Davies, 1st/4th Bn. Essex Regiment £1,895.00 

MM-5531 WW1 Submarine Service 1917 Distinguished Service Medal and Long Service Group of Five - Petty Officer F.L. Hulance, Royal Navy, HM Submarine K2 £1,995.00 

MM-5532 Superb Messina Earthquake Veteran's WW1 Submarine Service Distinguished Service Medal Group of Ten - CERA. A.W.C. Maggs, Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy £2,450.00 

MM-5533 WW1 Submarine Service Casualty Medal Trio - Engine Room Articifer 2nd Class R.C. Gibson, Royal Navy, HM Submarine C29 - K.I.A. 29/8/15 £550.00 

MM-5534 WW1 Battle of Jutland and North Sea Submarine Service 1918, NGSM (Palestine 1936-1939) and WW2 Officer's Medal Group of Eight - Commander G.G. Slade, Royal Navynder £1,625.00 

MM-5535 General Service Medal (Clasp - Malaya) - Tpr. B.A. Roberts, Special Air Service (S.A.S.) £1,575.00 

MM-5536 An Excellent WW2 C.B.E. (Military) and WW1 Distinguished Service Cross (Immediate) Medal Group of 13 - Air Vice-Marshal C.W. Nutting, Royal Air Force (Late R.N.V.R. and R.N.A.S.) £5,495.00