More medals added this week...


More medals added this week...

MM-5677 General Service Medal (Clasp - Canal Zone) - AC1 K.J. Growns, Royal Air Force £215.00 

MM-5678 General Service Medal (Clasp - Malaya) - Gdsm. A.W. Knapp, 2nd Bn. Scots Guards £90.00 

MM-5679 Canadian Korean War medal Group - C.A. Miller, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry £265.00 

MM-5680 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. G. Brear, Royal Marine Light Infantry £22.00 

MM-5681 WW1 British War Medal - Dvr. W.H. Dales, Royal Artillery £22.00 

MM-5682 WW1 1914 Mons Star - L.Cpl. A. Maund, Royal Engineers £65.00 

MM-5683 WW1 Victory Medal - Gnr. I.J. Hawkes, Royal Artillery £14.00 

MM-5684 WW1 British War Medal - Spr. A.Whitfield, Royal Engineers £22.00 

MM-5685 WW1 1914 Mons Star - Sjt. E. Lurcott, 10th Hussars - K.I.A. 13/5/15 £185.00 

MM-5686 WW1 British War Medal - Pte. H.E. Daniel, West Yorkshire Regiment (Sole Entitlement) £28.00 

MM-5687 WW1 1914-15 Star Medal Trio - Cpl. W.H. Richards, Royal Engineers £70.00 

MM-5688 WW1 British War & Victory Medal Pair - Pte. W.H. Fortman, Machine Gun Corps - Wounded £48.00 

MM-5689 WW1 British War & Victory Medal Pair - Pte. J. Rodgers, West Yorkshire Regiment £45.00 

MM-5690 WW1 1914 Mons Star Medal Trio - Dvr. T. Beaumont, Royal Engineers £110.00 

MM-5691 WW1 Mons Star & Bar Medal Trio - Pte. A. Connolly, 1st Bn. Rifle Brigade - Wounded £225.00 

MM-5692 Queen's South Africa Medal (Clasps - Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill) - Pte. E. Caswell, 6th Dragoons £195.00 

MM-5693 Queen's South Africa Medal (Clasps - Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal) - Tpr. W.J. McGee, Prince of Wales's Light Horse £185.00 

MM-5694 Queen's South Africa Medal (Clasps - Defence of Ladysmith, Laing's Nek, Belfast) - Pte. G. Leach, 2nd Bn. Rifle Brigade £235.00 

MM-5695 Queen's South Africa Medal (Clasps - Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902) - Pte. J. Hoole, 3rd Dragoon Guards £195.00 

MM-5696 Egypt Medal and 1884-6 Khedives Star Medal Pair - Pte. W.H. Hood, 1st Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment £235.00