GDPR / Privacy policy update


GDPR  / Privacy policy update

Hello everyone! Time for another annoying GDPR post. Your privacy is super important to us and we don't want you getting unwanted emails. So I'm going to send you an unwanted email asking if that's OK?! 

Just for the record though we would never share your information with any other person or company. The only exception is the posty (unfortunately if you want orders delivered we need to tell them where to send them!) If that's not OK you are always welcome to collect items from our shop.

We're not really one for marketing emails and only ever contact you with order updates.

We have recently added our alerts feature to the site so you may have chosen to receive emails when we list items of interest to you. You can opt out of all communications at any time from your account or get in touch and we will remove your contact details from our system.

Thanks for your continued support.