This weeks new medals...


This weeks new medals...

MM-3849 WW2 Canadian Volunteer Service Medal £28.00 

MM-3850 WW1 Victory Medal - Cpl. A.V.C. Lockwood, Army Service Corps - Wounded £14.00 

MM-3851 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. J.A. Wilson, King's Own Scottish Borderers £18.00 

MM-3852 WW1 British War Medal - W.J. Davies, D.H., Royal Naval Reserve £22.00 

MM-3853 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. J. Turner, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment £18.00 

MM-3854 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. J. Judson, 1st/6th Bn. King's (Liverpool) Regiment £18.00 

MM-3855 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. B. Nutbeam, Hampshire Regiment £18.00 

MM-3856 WW1 British War Medal - Cpl. J. Gray, Royal Army Medical Corps £22.00 

MM-3857 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. A.G. Jackson, King's Royal Rifle Corps / Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment - K.I.A. £32.00 

MM-3858 WW1 Victory Medal - Sjt. J. Tyre, Rifle Brigade £16.00 

MM-3859 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. L.S. Oliver, 7th Bn. East Kent Regiment (The Buffs) - Wounded £20.00 

MM-3860 WW1 British War Medal - Pte. C. Stokes, 3rd Bn. London Regiment £28.00 

MM-3861 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. J.H. Brightwell, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment £18.00 

MM-3862 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. W.J.S. Cook, 12th Bn. King's (Liverpool) Regiment - Died of Wounds £26.00 

MM-3863 WW1 Victory Medal - Dvr. W.C. James, Army Service Corps £12.00 

MM-3864 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. (Bandsman) A.E. Foulkes, 2nd Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment - K.I.A. £38.00 

MM-3865 WW1 Victory Medal - Cpl. J. Jeyes, King's Royal Rifle Corps - Wounded £20.00 

MM-3866 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. G.A. Redshaw, Royal Fusiliers & 15th Bn. Durham Light Infantry - K.I.A. £32.00 

MM-3867 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. F.H. Homer, 2nd Bn. Wiltshire Regiment - K.I.A. £32.00 

MM-3868 WW1 Victory Medal - Cpl. E. Mills, East Surrey Regiment £18.00 

MM-3869 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. F. Lawrie, Seaforth Highlanders £18.00 

MM-3870 WW1 Victory Medal - Sjt. A. Hain, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)  £18.00 

MM-3871 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. J. Chapman, West Yorkshire Regiment £18.00 

MM-3872 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. A.B. Hogg, Highland Light Infantry £18.00 

MM-3873 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. W. Harvey, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment £18.00 

MM-3874 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. C. Garrett, Cheshire Regiment £18.00 

MM-3875 WW1 Victory Medal - L.Cpl. H.C. Lloyd, 10th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment - K.I.A. £32.00 

MM-3876 WW1 Victory Medal - Sjt. A. Farnworth, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment £18.00 

MM-3877 WW1 Victory Medal - Pte. W. Field, 2nd/8th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment £18.0 

MM-3879 WW1 British War Medal - Captain William Norrish, 10th Bn. Middlesex Regiment - K.I.A. £75.00 

MM-3880 WW1 British War & Victory Medal Pair - Pte. W. Buckley, Army Service Corps £32.00 

MM-3881 WW1 British War & Victory Medal Pair - Pte. J. Lapworth, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry £42.00 

MM-3882 WW1 1914-15 Star Medal Trio - Pte. T.S. Thompson, Army Service Corps £65.00 

MM-3883 WW1 1914-15 Star Medal Trio - Spr. C.W. Benger, Royal Engineers (Railways) £70.00 

MM-3884 Order of St. John (Officer), WW1 1914-15 Star Trio and R.F.R. Long Service & Good Conduct Medal Group of Five - R.G. Hill, Royal Navy / Royal Fleet Reserve £210.00 

MM-3885 WW1 1914 Mons Star Medal Trio - Pte. D. McCulloch, 19th Hussars £225.00 

MM-3886 WW2 Arnhem Related Operation Market Garden Casualty Medal Group of Five - L.Cpl. J. Doyle, 3rd Bn. Irish Guards - K.I.A. £435.00 

MM-3887 WW1 Memorial Plaque (Death Penny) and Scroll - Pte. J. Coleman, 9th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment - K.I.A. £150.00 

MM-3888 WW1 British War Medal, Victory Medal and Memorial Plaque - Pte. W. Hyner, 1st Bn. London Regiment - K.I.A. £235.00