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Campaign Service Medal (Clasp - Northern Ireland) - Fus. G. Faulk

A 1962 GSM (Northern Ireland) awarded to 24227228 Fusilier G. Fau..


Campaign Service Medal (Clasp - Northern Ireland) and LS&GC M

A 1962 GSM (Northern Ireland) and LSGC medal pair awarded to 2397..


Campaign Service Medal (Clasp - South Arabia) - L.Cpl. J. Booth,

A 1962 GSM (South Arabia) awarded to 24016268 Lance Corporal J. B..


General Service Medal (Clasp - Cyprus) and Long Service & Goo

A GSM and LS&GC medal pair awarded to 1821693 Gunner J. Allt,..


Queen's Korea Medal, UN Korea Medal and Campaign Service Medal (C

A Korean War and 1962 GSM (Borneo) medal group of three awarded t..