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1914 Mons Star (with Slide on Bar) Medal Trio and Long Service &a

A first world war group to 39693 Corporal Walter Brooks, Royal Fi..


C.B.E. (Civil), Military Cross, WW1 and WW2 Medal Group of Six -

A first world war MC and post WW2 CBE medal group to Lieutenant C..


C.B.E., Military Cross, WW2, GSM (Clasp - S.E. Asia 1945-46) and

A CBE, MC group of ten to Brigadier Brian Kingzett, Royal Artille..


Campaign Service Medal (Clasp - Borneo) - Gnr. D. Hastings, Royal

A 1962 GSM Borneo to 23945993 Gunner D. Hastings, Royal Artillery..


Campaign Service Medal (Clasp - Northern Ireland) - Gnr. A. Harta

A 1962 GSM Northern Ireland to 24333185 Gunner A. Harta, Royal Ar..


Campaign Service Medal (Clasp - Northern Ireland) - Gnr. D.J. Nee

A 1962 GSM Northern Ireland to 24073544 Gunner D.J. Needham, Roya..


General Service Medal (Clasp - Canal Zone) - Bdr. A.W. Lacey, Roy

A GSM to 19030150 Bdr. A.W. Lacey, Royal Artillery.General Servic..


General Service Medal (Clasp - Cyprus) - Gnr. C.F. West, Royal Ar

A GSM to 23270874 Gunner C.F. West, Royal Artillery.General Servi..


General Service Medal (Clasp - Palestine 1945-48) - Gnr. J.W. New

A GSM Palestine 1945-48 to 14591316 Gunner J.W. Newton, Royal Art..


George VI Territorial Efficiency Medal - Gnr. K.A. Mascord, Royal

A T.E.M. to 895652 Gunner K.A. Mascord, Royal Artillery. Geo..


Pair of Royal Artillery (R.A.) Shoulder Titles

A pair of brass  'R.A.' shoulder titles for the Royal Artill..


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